How OrthoK Works
Richard L. Anderson O.D., F.O.A.A.: Ortho-K, short for orthokeratology, is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to gently re-shape the curvature of the eye, to improve vision. It works each night, while you sleep.

Karen, student: There's these hard contact lenses, and you put them in at night right before you go to bed, you sleep. And for me, I'm a student, we all know students don't sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time, and you know, you just take them out right when you wake up and you can see for the rest of the day. And even with that limited amount of sleep, the cornea of my eye is still shaped enough that I can see clearly into the next day, even the day after that If I need to.

Dr. Anderson: Let me show you how Ortho-K works: We begin with a thorough history and eye health exam; We determine your exact prescription; We next take a photographic mapping of your eye, which is called topography. This gives us a detailed colored map of your eye that is used to custom-design a retainer lens that exactly matches your eye shape with much prescription molding change you need. That lens is ordered and arrives in about a week.

Karen: You do feel better using the Ortho-K's because you're not worried about the soft lens falling out. They're not uncomfortable during the day, there's nothing in your eyes during the day. So you almost, you forget that your eyes really are defective, because you feel like you're seeing just as well as people who have perfect vision.

Dr. Anderson: You can go to bed. Wake up with great vision that allows you to see to drive, to swim, to see the board the at school, to golf, or any other activity, all without your glasses or contacts to bother you and without any surgery. Ortho-K is safe, reversible, and it works fast. My patients find it rather amazing.
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