Controlling Nearshightedness (Myopia)
Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, O.D., F.O.A.A.: Let me take a moment to talk to you about myopia control. What's myopia? Well that's nearsightedness, or when you can't see far away. And if you're a nearsighted person, you know when you were younger your eyes kept getting worse and worse and worse, and your glasses kept getting thicker and thicker and thicker.

But what you didn't know is that your retina was stretching and getting longer and longer, and that is a risk factor for detached retina or even for glaucoma. You don't want that. If you are a nearsighted parent you don't want for your children. But there is a way that we can control that. We can bring myopia, or nearsightedness, to a screeching halt.

Using specially designed lenses, called Ortho-K lenses. This is a wonderful procedure where the child sleeps with contact lenses at night, take them out in the morning, store them away safely at home, then they go to school or they play and they have great vision all day.

But there is a second benefit as well. Because as you know, your children will run around and rough house, and play and knock their little heads, and sometimes they break their glasses and sometimes they lose their contact lenses and then they get into trouble. Well that doesn't happen with Ortho-K, because they're not wearing contacts at all. It's really terrific for them, and best of all its stabilizing their myopia. It's keeping their eyes from getting worse and worse.

Can you imagine years in the future, your children thinking back and saying, "You know what? My parents were really wonderful parents, because they gave me the gift of sight. They had the foresight to think about keeping my eyes from getting worse and worse. They are wonderful parents." So, give your children that wonderful gift, and think myopia control, Ortho-K.
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