Testimonials We asked real patients to tell us about their lifestyle,
previous attempts at vision correction and their
experience with OrthoK.
Basketball Player
A young player talks about prior difficulties with regular contact lenses that were solved by OrthoK lenses. Watch Video
Erin, Age 12
I've worn glasses since I was 7 years old. It's been good to wake up in the morning and take the contacts out and being able to see, that's been cool, and not having to wear glasses. I first noticed the change one morning when I took out the contacts and I could read a bottle of hairspray that couldn't read with out glasses. I also look a lot different with out glasses on, and I really like that. I don't like glasses. It's also good not to have to wear contacts during the daytime. When I go swimming I don't have to worry about taking off my glasses or putting them on when I get out. I'm really excited about my new vision!
Zach the Hawk
OrthoK has changed my eyes so well that I can see like a hawk (just kidding). Another example is that I can hit the baseball so darn well that I will probably be 3rd up!! I used to see like a bear (which is so bad) and now I can see like a hawk!!! Anyone who reads this, know that you are reading from a hawk.
An adult talks about OrthoK being "an amazing, freeing way to see." Watch Video
Surfer-Student explains about her lenses and tells how she can see clearly to "surf with abandon." Watch Video
Amber C.
When I was 11 years old, I got my first pair of glasses. I was still a bit upset I needed to get them, and to my discouragement, they looked dorky on me. While checking my choices and trying them on, I became more and more disappointed. Don't get me wrong, some glasses look great on people, but I'm not a glasses person. Besides, they interfere with playing sports. I had been begging my parents for contacts for the 2 years. But, it wasn't until I was 13 1/2 until they really started to consider my request. So, my mom called up a local optometrist, and we arranged fittings. I went to get my fittings and tried on some contacts. I had a feeling that was what I had wanted. But, just as I was going to get them a week later, my dad told me something. He said my eye doctor got a new kind of contacts. I didn't know much about them. Little did I know, they would be something that would actually enhance my life altogether. When I was ushered in to my doctor's office, she began to tell me about these contacts. I even got to try them on. At first, I wasn't used to the feeling. But, now as I wear them regularly, I have grown used to them. Every night, I spend about 1 minute putting in my contacts. I go to sleep and in the morning spend 2 or 3 minutes cleaning them. For that 4-minute max time price, I get a huge reward. My vision greatly improves every time I wear them. By my first night (or should I say morning), my vision had noticeably gotten better. It's been about 4 weeks now, and my vision is better than 20/20, which is normal vision. The contacts also helped with school and fun activities. They are so much easier, because now in sports I can see what's going on without squinting. If I had had regular contacts, I would not be able to open my eyes under water while swimming, or something might get in my eye and bother me while trying to shoot the ball in basketball. But, it not only helps in sports. After my vision was better, I was able to read the "overheads" and blackboards at school. I could then take better notes, and even my grades got better! Before, I had NEVER been able to read the board. Everything is so much clearer and in so much more detail. It's amazing to see things I never saw before.
Max, Age 14
Orthokeratology has really transformed my life. I started Orthok in August and had perfect vision in almost a week. I have perfect 20/20 vision in both eyes and I used to have 20/425 in the right eye and 20/375 in the left eye. The contact lenses are really easy to put in and even easier to take out and clean. It takes me about 3 minutes to put them in and about 10 seconds to take them out and I am still improving. You don't even feel the lens while you sleep. Orthokeratology has really improved my surfing ability. I can now actually see the waves and determining when it will break, and if I should go for it. In golf my game has definitely improved. My putting is better because it is easier to read the greens without glasses and I can see the ball clearer after I hit. In July of 2008 my average golf tournament score was around 83 or 84 (about 11 or 12 over par). Ever since I started Orthokeratology I have had my four best tournament scores in 2008 and my average tournament scores since beginning Orthok is 79 (7 over par). In basketball my shooting is superior and my shooting percentage has improved drastically. I even made 50 free throws in a row one day. The most important thing that Orthokeratology had given me is an increased confidence and positive personality. I hated wearing glasses so I only wore glasses while playing sports or in class but outside of class everything was a blur. I could hardly see anything clearly and I was always squinting which made my eyes tired at the end of the day. During PE I changed from being a poor football player to being one of the best just because I was able to see the ball. Also while skiing I had to wear glasses under my goggles so I could see which was uncomfortable and bothersome but now I just wear my goggles and feel great. In the end, Orthokeratology has positively changed my life in so many ways and I would recommend it to anyone who has bad vision or doesn't like wearing glasses. I normally don't like to write, and when I don't write too much but maybe this long testimonial shows how much I love Orthokeratology and how it has positively affected me and changed my life.
Young student says OrthoK "makes my vision impeccable... I can see the mountains!" Watch Video
Maggie Forys
It's a MIRACLE! In my wildest dreams, I never envisioned (see that pun) that I would be able to wake up and see clearly without my contact lenses or my glasses ALL day and evening long. My vision is even better now than when I was wearing my contact lenses. I would have been skeptical had I not complete faith in all past decisions that you have made regarding my vision when you suggested that I try OrthoK, as it seemed to be too good to be true. As you are well aware, I have extremely tender eyeballs and found even my soft contact lenses to be irritating quite often. I was always ready to remove them by the end of the day. It is so wonderful to be able to wake up, pop out my OrthoK lenses, hop in the shower and see clearly. As a person not able to see the E on the vision chart clearly, it is amazing to be able to see so well in all situations. I just put them back in at bedtime, close my eyes, and wake up still maintaining my good vision. I have told several friends and colleagues about this amazing therapy and am happy to report that they are considering it, as they like myself, are still not ready to contemplate laser vision surgery. Thanks again for making this wonderful suggestion.
Julie D.
I love OrthoK! I thought that sleeping in contacts would be a bit weird — but I don't even notice them. I LOVE not wearing contacts during the day and being able to see. I was considering surgery — but it made me a bit nervous. With OrthoK I have the benefits of perfect vision and none of the hassle of surgery.
Andy R.
I got my OrthoK lenses in January, I think they're better than day contacts because I wouldn't have to worry about losing them. I think a problem is getting used to them. I wear them 5 days a week and I'm wondering if even that isn't enough. That might be like day contacts too. I went a couple of days without them and noticed how I couldn't see as well. Contacts are a great help but they hurt a bit. The best thing about them is that I don't get headaches.
Katie R.
These contacts are great. They're much easier to wear than day contacts because there are so many things that can get into your eyes at school. When you sleep with the contacts you never feel them (at least I don't). It's also nice to know that you can easily take out the contacts or look at your eye, since you're home. When I wake up, I have perfect vision. It's amazing!! Now I can go to the movies and sit wherever I want. It's definitely nice.
Manny Deltoro
I was very skeptical about how OrthoK would work for me. I thought that sleeping with hard lenses would be very uncomfortable and I didn't think they would be able to match the clarity I had with the soft lenses. With OrthoK however, I don't have a problem sleeping with the lenses in and I am seeing better than 20/20. In law enforcement, I rely on my vision a great deal. OrthoK has exceeded my expectations and I don't have to wear contact lenses during my shift.
Eileen C., Age 47
Within the first week I could see 20/20. Being able to get in the car and drive, without contacts or glasses is unbelievable. I've worn glasses since 14 and contacts since 17 and this is amazing. I was in the pool yesterday and could look out and see the pine cones with such clarity. I swam underwater and did not hit the wall.
Garrett H., Age 14
My name is Garrett Hogan and I am 14 years old. My OrthoK lenses changed my vision the day I put them in. Everything is 100% better than it was. I can actually read license plates and work on the board at school. At first it was hard to put them in, but now it is very easy. I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you for making me be able to see!
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