Fellowship in the Orthokeratology Academy of America (FOAA)
Doctors who successfully attain the rank of Fellow in the OAA have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the field of orthokeratology. In order to become a Fellow, several conditions must be met. The doctor must have been practicing orthoK for a minimum of one year. They must submit the fitting and outcome data from five of their orthoK cases, two of which must be complicated. The applicant must then pass a two-hour oral examination where they present and defend these cases. This is followed by an extensive written test that covers knowledge of all OrthoK type lenses, fitting techniques, the science supporting orthoK, the mechanism of action, appropriate patient selection, early complication detection, advanced troubleshooting, patient education and topographical map analysis. If they successfully pass these steps, they are conferred the rank of OAA Fellow (FOAA) and must meet yearly criteria to maintain the designation. Currently there are 38 fellows in the world.
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