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Understanding OrthoK OrthoK (short for orthokeratology) is a nonsurgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision. Some benefits of ortho-k are:
  • Vision improvement while you sleep
  • Non-surgical/painless
  • Reversible/low risk
  • Great for children and adults
What is Ortho-K? Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) - Why? While many types of patients benefit from Ortho-K, there are two groups of patients who most often obtain these services: First are children who, with their parents, wish to significantly slow or stop their progression of myopia. The second group are those individuals who need an optical correction but wish to be free of lenses and glasses during all their daytime activities while maintaining clear, comfortable vision. The control of myopia (nearsightedness) in children by the use of ortho-k is being researched and preliminary results are very promising. Click on Controlling Myopia for more information. How to use this Ortho-k site Read the various pages of text, video and other resources to familiarize yourself with orthokeratology (ortho-k). Find a doctor near you by use of the zip code search, either the quick search (25 mile radius) at the top of most pages or the more extensive options on the Advanced Search page. Then call the doctor's office and ask questions specific to your situation. For example, not all doctors fit children or higher levels of astigmatism. The icons beside the doctors' names (OAA, FOAA, OKD, MENTOR) are a partial indication of their interest and expertise. Check back to stay current on the latest findings and the latest doctor web sites.
Testimonials I love OrthoK! I thought that sleeping in contacts would be a bit weird — but I don't even notice them. I LOVE not wearing contacts during the day and being able to see. I was considering surgery — but it made me a bit nervous. With OrthoK I have the benefits of perfect vision and none of the hassle of surgery.
—Julie D.
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Professor Helen Swarbrick from the University of New South Wales, Australia Sight for sore eyesABC News Australia interviews Helen Swarbrick, a leading researcher in OrthoK, about how OrthoK lenses stop the progression of myopia (shortsightedness or nearsightedness) in children.
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video news orthok orthokeratology Facebook page for the SMART Clinical Trial"SMART (Stabilization of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique) Clinical Study"SMART is a five year clinical trial to see if ortho-k can slow or stop the progression of myopia in children. Preliminary results are positive and very encouraging. Become a fan and keep up with the latest findings!
video news orthok orthokeratology Corneal Reshaping TherapyThis is a YouTube video by Dr. Barry Eiden, one of the principal participants in the SMART ortho-k study, discussing how ortho-k works.
video news orthok orthokeratology National Public RadioMedical Detectives Focus on MyopiaThis page discusses some of the recent myopia research, including the recently documented large increase in myopia and the finding that lack of outdoor time is the most important environmental risk factor for myopic progression. It includes an audio link.
video news orthok orthokeratology Archives of Ophthalmology"Increased Prevalence of Myopia in the United States between 1971-1972 and 1999-2004"This is the abstract to a full article discussing how myopia has increased from 24% to over 41%. Possible causes for the increase were not part of the study.
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Ortho-K Doctors: Who are they? OrthoKDoctors.com lists many ortho-k doctors, almost all of them optometrists, who have an interest in ortho-k (orthokeratology). The list is compiled from various sources, including doctor contributions. There are doctors with varying levels of expertise in ortho-k, which is indicated on the zip code search result pages by the use of icons. Not all doctors have indicated their expertise. Orthokeratology Academy of America
The higest level of expertise in ortho-k is indicated by the doctor obtaining designation as a Fellow of the Orthokeratology Academy of America (icon = FOAA). Membership in the Academy (icon = OAA) indicates a serious commitment to ortho-k if the doctor partakes in the extensive continuing education conferences and online forums available to them. Each of the levels is discussed further on the Advanced Search page. OrthoKDoctors
Membership in OrthoKDoctors (icon = OKD) requires the doctor to certify that they have actually fit a minimum number (10) of ortho-k patients for at least one year and that they maintain the minimum equipment necessary for proper care of these patients. Generally, ortho-k doctors are already experienced contact lens diagnosticians. Orthokeratology is an additional skill set on top of more extensive contact lens experience. Doctor Web Sites
Some doctors have elected to provide more extensive information about themselves, their office and services. These ortho-k doctors have a link in their search zip code result page to additional pages with their personalized information.